Getting started is easy

Step 1: Pick your painting

Step 2: Pick your frame (if it applies)

Step 3: Pick your style

Step 4: Add to cart and check out

Once your order is received, you'll receive an email with instructions for the next steps, 
including how to submit a photo of your pet.

Photo submission tips:

Photograph your pet at "eye level" (not above or below)
Avoid images that are too dark or too bright
Avoid images too far away
Make sure the pet's entire face is in the photo
Photograph your pet's paws if the painting has hands

You will receive your proof within 2 weeks.
Once you approve your regal painting, you will receive the final piece withing 2-4 weeks!

We are honored to feature our spot on DIY's "I Want That"!

View a recent testimonial below from a customer who loves her new timeless keepsake!

Karen and her Belle

Karen and her Belle

"Once I heard about this concept, I couldn't wait to have one made of my Belle.
She is my little princess and needed to be in a big beautiful dress. They found the
perfect painting to turn my Belle into the "belle of the ball"! -Karen

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